September 2, 2020

Yeti Giveaway

The goal was to create a unique visual story and an effective PPC strategy to promote awareness, increase leads, increase store traffic, and create a positive brand outlook.

This video took one 6 hours to create.

Want to see how the campaign performed?


Create a short advertising campaign and commercial for Labor Day Weekend

Open Project


All About Efficient Processes.

Most of the time I do not have access to a team of creatives, so I am often tasked with creating exciting and unique ideas, producing digital content, and applying them in marketing and advertising efforts.

To incentivize customers, we gave away custom Carizma Yeti Rambler to each customer that bought a vehicle on Labor Day Weekend, and each one of those customers were entered for a raffle to win a Yeti Cooler.


Making Changes
on the Fly.

This video and advertising were changed 6 days before the already completed project was scheduled to go live. The General Manager wanted to go a different route for the labor day sale.

With a strict budget and limited time to create a complete campaigns I must be creative in finding ways to improve efficiency. Whether it’s outsourcing voice-over work, just using past made graphics, efficiency will always be key.


Shortened Funnel Efficiency.

My goal was to utilize short funnel targeting in-market shoppers, and those who like receiving free things. Using an entertaining short video to gain and hold attention, and efficient application process, we were able to increase the average number of leads during labor day while lowering the CPM.

Mobile Yeti Ad
Mobile Yeti Landing Page


By The Numbers.

$594 of Total Budget 0%

We used 10% of the budget to target Lubbock DMA in-market customers looking for BHPH dealerships within a certain income range. The ad ran for 4 days and we netted 12 more application leads than the daily average with no increase in budget.

Additional Leads

Leads in this instance are full application completions by customers.


CPM is used to gauge the cost-effectiveness of an ad campaign. The average cost for 1,000 impressions (CPM) for this ad was $12.

Vehicle Sales Attributed

This campaign contributed 6 additional vehicle sales in 2 days.

Cost Per Result

The average cost per lead was $26, 669% less than the industry average for automotive leads. (source: Lion Tree Group).