Quirk Website + Video

Quirk is a tool for custom clothing, accessories, and gear for businesses, groups, or individuals. Quirk simplifies the process of purchasing branded apparel and gear adding the option to buy one-off products or in bulk. Enjoy the freedom to experiment with your brand and products with no order minimums, expensive equipment, or unused inventory.

This website is utilizes a customized theme (PHP, HTML, CSS), I was tasked with creating an attractive, simple, efficient look for the Quirk Website.


Build a website us the Shopify Platform

Open Project


Web Design Process

I started with laying out the sitemap to understand the best user experience and working around the chosen CMS (Shopify). Phase 1 of the website was a basic platform where customers could create an account and login via a business account or a personal account. Create a way for customers to access their secure page via secure link or login based on the users email domain. I setup integrations through a couple plugin’s to add the necessary products to the catalog.

The next task was educating and influencing potential customers that may come to the website. It is a different concept than most print companies in that Quirk will securely store the products on their website for free. So I created video that would live on their home page that would quickly convey the necessary information.

The end result was a quality, clean, efficient website on the Shopify platform.

Influence & Inform

This is Quirk.

A simple walk through of the platform and the benefits of signing up on ourquirk.com.

The video is produced in Adobe AfterEffects and Adobe Premiere, and the voice over was from a 3rd part company.


Website Functionality

Friendly Design

The most important reason you need a responsive website is that most of your customers are using their mobile. In fact, 57% of all web traffic is on mobile devices.