Karma Gifts Website

Working within an outdated CMS (Sitefinity), I was tasked with creating an attractive, simple, ethereal website for Karma Gifts.


Build a website to spec using an outdated CMS (Sitefinity)

Open Project


Web Development Process

I started with laying out the sitemap to understand the best user experience while understanding the limitations of Sitefinity. Once the sitemap was approved, I began work on a series of extremely detailed designs for the owner/company to choose from. From there it was a matter of inputting products, updating the 5000+ lines of outdated code, improving the SEO, and adding the necessary graphics.

The end result was a quality, clean, efficient website that functioned even with a severely outdated CMS (Sitefinity).


Limited Time & Software

This is one of two websites within 4 months I built for Stephen Joseph Companies. Creating a precise sitemap and understanding the owner’s goals  when designing and developing the website was key. Working within the confines of an outdated CMS (Sitefinity), I had to find a way to modernize the website including UX/UI efficiency, mobile friendly, SEO, and improved loading times.

One of the biggest problems to solve was the mobile friendly aspect. There was no code within Sitifinity that would allow for adjusting website based on screen size. So, I had to completely overhaul and overwrite the current code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) so that it would be effective on mobile platforms.

Website Functionality

Friendly Design

If a potential customer is looking for a particular service or product, they are more likely to search it on their phone. And, if the website isn’t optimized properly for the web or is difficult to use, the customer will end up finding that product or service somewhere else.

Karma sold to both B2C and B2B so I was tasked with developing a clean and simple solution for searching, adding, and buying small or large quantity carts and have the stock reflected imagencytely within the warehouse system (Accellos) and then displayed on the website.

IphoneKarma 1


By The Numbers

Not only did I improve the Karma Gifts website User Experience, but I also added additional functionality in being able to track conversions for Facebook and Google. Tracking conversions is a crucial function in being able to see the efficiency of Ad. spend.

Percent Increase In Sales

Adding mobile functionality opened the door to new customers.

Website Visits Per Month

Saw an increase in website visits to 10,000+ per month across the world.

Percent Bounce Rate

Saw a decreased website Bounce Rate from 51% to 32%.