Digital Marketing Tips and Help For 2022

Digital marketing your business correctly in a big city is never an easy task. Marketing and advertising your business in Austin, Texas, one of the fastest-growing cities for five years, is a more difficult task. However, by working with our agency, your business can grow year over year in Austin. What do we recommend to improve your business’s marketing and advertising? 

  • Website design that’s fast on mobile phones 
  • Google My Business Page and Bing Places Account
  • Photos of your business, products, or services
  • Videos showcasing your business, products, or services
  • Social media content and ads that target your demographic 

The more times a consumer interacts with a brand or sees that brand’s name, the more likely they are to trust and use it. These five tactics will help you be everywhere your customers are and allow them to interact with your brand longer. Also, by using these five tactics correctly, you can create a marketing funnel that will conquer your goals and get you more calls, appointments, orders, emails, sales, etc. Check out this case study that features all of these five tactics.

digital marketing help from overse agency in austin, texas

Building A Fast Mobile Website

How many times have you left a slow-loading site to find another site that loads faster? Your digital marketing should start with a user-friendly, fast mobile website. Here are a few facts that talk about the importance of website speed. 

  1. “53% of users report that they abandon sites that take more than three seconds to load (source: SOASTA Google study report). Google recommends.” 
  2. “We found that 70% of pages were over 1MB, 36% over 2MB and 12% over 4MB. That’s enormous for a single mobile page, given that 1.49MB takes seven seconds to load using a fast 3G connection” (source: 

How is it even possible to have a professional website with photos and videos under 1MB when each video is usually over 10MB? First, all of your images should be in WebP format, which usually cuts the size in half from the JPEG format. All your photos should have lazy loading code to ensure your server isn’t grabbing all of the images at once. Second, all of the videos on your website should be hosted on Youtube and put on your site. This tactic will help speed up your site because your server isn’t retrieving a massive video. Instead, your server is grabbing the video from YouTube. If you have an eCommerce site with several pictures of products on a page, then you should try and make those image files small enough to load fast and clear enough to show the product.  

Search Engine Profiles Your Business Needs

Why does your company need a Google My Business Page and Bing Places account? Most importantly, both of these accounts are free for your business. Plus, they allow for photos, videos, announcements, products, events, and several ways to describe your business and the services you offer. When consumers want to research a product or company, 70% of them will use a search engine. About 85% of those consumers will use Google, and 7% will use Bing. When people search for your company on these search engines, your profile will take up the whole right side of the Google page. Showcasing all of the information you have added to potential clients. You should also add your business to Places on Apple Maps. A lot of smaller search engines, such as Duck Duck Go, use Apple Maps instead of creating their own map.

Photo and Video Marketing Advice

Photos and videos of your company or its products are important for making your digital marketing look legit. Below are two facts that back up this claim. You should always use your own photos or videos instead of stock images or footage…people can tell the difference. Plus, you can use these photos or videos on social media, Yelp, blogs, Pinterest, and many other platforms. Also, a strategic professional video or photo can skyrocket a brand into national popularity. 

  1. According to MDG Advertising, 67% of online shoppers rated high-quality images as being “very important” to their purchase decision, which was slightly more than “product specific information,” “long descriptions,” and “reviews and ratings”
  2. Marketing Experiments tested a real photo of their client against their top-performing stock photo, visitors who saw the real customer were 35% more likely to sign up.
  3. Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a product or service subsequently bought it.

The biggest problem we run into is that people don’t give their photos or videos names that can help them show up in search engines. For instance, a pressure washing company had all its photos and videos labeled similar to these, “26914000_1.jpeg” or “26914056_1.mp4”. Instead, we gave all those files names that described the image or video. Changing the names of those files to “pressure-washing-austin” or “pressure-washing-services” helped their business’s viewership of photos and videos increase by 200%. 

Social Media Help In Austin, Texas

Social Media is a tool that people use to research companies or products. It’s also a strategic tool for growing your digital marketing presents. About 30% of consumers will search for a company or product on social media platforms instead of a search engine. To build your profile on Facebook these days, you have to run your post as an ad. Unless you have creative content and writing, it’s almost impossible to grow a Facebook organically due to the new algorithm. However, on Instagram or Tik Tok, it’s a lot easier to build your following organically due to the algorithm. If you’re lucky enough to get a post shared on the When Where What Austin account, then you will see a nice increase in engagements and followers. You might also think about paying them to share a post. Several of our clients have seen a positive return on investment by paying for posts on the account. Another great way to grow your accounts is to use a local influencer to promote your company or its services. Most importantly social media is the place to use the right words, keywords, alt text, and hashtags when posting. All of these attributes help each social platform understand what you’re posting about. They also help your post show up when consumers search on Facebook or Instagram.

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